^*^.kris.^*^ (star_no_scar) wrote in pancake_party,

Plans for the next pancake party

DEVIOUS BUCOLIC: but next time i come here it will be me you andrea, faka, and dan we will have the greatest 3 days of our lives that we will like give up on life because no day will be greater
Lips Of Deceit46: i can't wait !!!!!!!!
Lips Of Deceit46: dan is going to be allowed to sleep over?
DEVIOUS BUCOLIC: most likely

We are going to have soo much fun, im planning it all out. So far we need some stuff like comment, if you can think of something else fun and exciting.. i think andrea should bring that wheel thinggy that she got at spencers ha ha i doubt we will play it. I think we should bring some clothes that we dont care about so we can jump in the pool at 3 in the morning like last time, and swim with the man who thinks.. he is a WHALE!!

pancake mix
quija board (pronounciatioun is weegee)
macoroni and cheese in a box
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